Crazy Coincidences

I feel like coincidences are following me these days. Do you ever have a theme that keeps popping up in your life over and over? When this happens to me, I really try and discover what God is trying to teach me. Sometimes I can be quite stubborn and God has to hit me over the head in obvious ways before I get the point.

Lately, the theme in my life seems to be these bizarre coincidences. One example: as I’ve previously shared, my sister recently had a baby. The small hospital where she gave birth is a 4-hour drive from Nashville. While I was at the hospital, we discovered that one of my good friends delivered her baby two hours before my sister’s delivery – in the same hospital. And her room was right down the hall from my sister’s room. The friend and I hadn’t seen each other in about 7 years, since she moved away from Nashville, although we had kept in touch via emails and Christmas cards. We had some really fun time to catch up – and her son and my niece now share a birthday!

Also, I’ve recently been on a few dates with a boy. (I call them all “boys” – it should be no poor reflection on his manliness). So, as I began talking to my best guy friend about the boy, we realize that they had coincidentally already met each other – the day prior to said conversation! So next, I introduce the boy to one of my best girl friends. Yep, it turns out they lived in the same apartment complex for a while – approximately 10 years ago. (Same apartment complex, not the same apartment – that would have been a very awkward coincidence!).

There have been some other smaller coincidences here and there, but you get the picture. So, as I was reading a blog post over at Kelly’s Korner this week, it did not surprise me to read about this coincidence that recently happened in her life (it’s definitely worth taking the time to jump over and read!). One of her readers made a comment that resonated with me. The comment said:

I’ve been going to Beth Moore’s bible study “Esther” at a local church. I wrote down this quote on the first day. She said, “Coincidences are miracles where God chooses to remain anonymous.”

I really like that Beth Moore quote and the picture of God that it paints. In my own life, I believe that God is using all of these coincidences to tell me something. He is saying: I haven’t forgotten about you. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like God has forgotten. Maybe it’s a season of life when I’m just not feeling God’s presence as closely as I have in the past; or maybe it’s a prayer that hasn’t yet been answered (or it turns out the answer is “wait awhile” or even “no”). I know that God loves me and His plan is best, but my human nature makes me sometimes feel forgotten. And I think it’s lovely that God cares about me enough to send along some reminders that He is thinking about me. In the form of crazy coincidences.


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3 responses to “Crazy Coincidences

  1. WordGirl

    I have experienced God’s coincidences many times in my life and have actually begun to expect them when he’s working with me consistently on changing something in my life. (Right now our theme together seems to be letting go of fear to be bold…)

    I once heard someone describe a series of coincidences where God is trying to make a point as God showing off. I get a mental picture of God smiling mischievously as he plants seed after seed and waits for us to find the fruit and look up wonderingly. 🙂

  2. Hilary

    How wonderful! That is so encouraging to read- life hasn’t been full of much mystery or excitement for me lately so this is exciting! Hopefully we can catch up more this week- thanks for sharing this!


    Hi….It makes me feel really good to see that just like me, many people experience these co-incidences in life. not only that, but also most of you feel that it’s GOD’S WILL, just like me,

    Initially when these series of co-incidences occured in my life, it really freaked me out, as i was only a teenager then, sometimes unable to understand, and comprehend the purpose and meaning of such miraculous incidents occuring in my life over the last decade or so, it left me really puzzled and sometimes frustrated too, as i couldn’t express my feelings to anybody for fear of becoming a laughing stock in front of my friends, so i pursued it all alone, and the only person with whom i shared the secrets about these co-incidences, is also a part of these series of incidents.

    I think , All of this is quite confusing and also very hard to express orally and literally, finally i think that it’s part of GOD’S DESIGN for us.we have to be alert in taking the cue as and when it appears, and pursue it with perseverence and grit determination.
    finally i believe, as and when God chooses, the true purpose will unfold itself.

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