Friday Flair~Irish Edition 05.15.09

friday flair irish ed







Since I leave for Dublin tomorrow, I wanted to keep the Irish theme going for Friday Flair:

  • Like I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, Saint Patrick was actually a missionary to his home country of Ireland. As I prepare for my trip to Dublin, I have been studying Patrick’s written confession as found HERE. It’s really long, so you may not want to read the whole thing. But the first three paragraphs are worth reading. My favorite line is: 
  • “… our way to repay him is to exalt him and confess his wonders before every nation under heaven.”

  • Are you an expert in all things Irish?
    Take this quiz and find out!

  • I keep listening to this song by MercyMe lately. One of the verses has become my prayer for the Ireland mission trip:
  • Such a tiny offering compared to Calvary
    Nevertheless we lay it at Your feet.

  • One more piece of flair that is 100% not related to Ireland; however, I must include it because every single guy should read this post (girls, you will love it, too). It is hilarious and oh. so. true.

Stay tuned—I am hoping to blog from Dublin. I can’t wait to share all of my experiences with you!


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