Friday Flair 05.29.09

friday flair You’ve been waiting for it all week, right??

THIS PIECE convicted me, soothed my soul, and made me want to reach out and hug the author because she really understands.

I’ve been catching up on my blog reading. Last week, Pete Wilson posted THIS VIDEO—a beautiful picture of the depth of God’s grace and how it changes lives.

My friend Annie is going to (and may already have arrived in) Capetown, South Africa with Mocha Club. I love love love THIS POST on her blog entitled Annie’s Shoes.

You can follow her journey here:

I’ve decided to add a link to Friday Flair with my favorite Bible verse(s) of the week. What do you think? This particular passage keeps popping up in my life lately; when that happens, I know that God is teaching me something. I hope you pray these words along with me today: Psalm 139

Happy Friday!


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2 responses to “Friday Flair 05.29.09

  1. hilarybarnett

    so good to have lunch yesterday- made my day! Thanks for sharing Annie’s blog, I will have to add her to my reader.

  2. I love Bible verse shares…and you too!

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