Finding ‘Hooray!’

My friend Hilary recently sent me a link to this diagram, and it has been on my mind a lot since then:

Source: Bud Caddell

I have spent most of my life, especially my career, in the area between ‘what I do well’ and ‘what I can be paid to do’. As you can see, that is the area which clearly instructs me to learn to say no. At first, that bold statement startled me. Say no? But I do it well and I get paid for doing it!

However, existing in that junction means that I completely disregard what I want to do in favor of: what I’m expected to do, what others want me to do, what I’m good at doing, what I am paid well to do, and so on. It’s the area where I use the word ‘should’ way too much. I should keep this job because I’m good at it. I should continue to climb the corporate ladder because I can … because I have something to prove … because what else would I do?

Well, I took the first step and got off the should cycle a while ago. The problem is—I haven’t found the thing (the job, career, project, livelihood) that fits the spot marked ‘Hooray!’. I love to write, but I’m not sure I do it well and I’m definitely not sure I can be paid to do it. I am a financial consultant—I do it well and I get paid to do it—but I don’t enjoy it.

See the dilemma? What do you think? Have you found your ‘Hooray!’ spot? Any suggestions?



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3 responses to “Finding ‘Hooray!’

  1. Tanya

    You are an amazing writer….this may just be your “Hooray” spot. You keep doing what you love and it will work out the way it’s supposed to!

  2. Mmmm. I think I’m most terrified of that “learn to monetize” it spot. I’m fearful that I won’t want to do it once I can get paid for it. Will I lose the voice I’ve found if I start sharing it with the world? I totally agree that it’s hard to say no to what I do well and can get paid to do – but I think motherhood effectively broke me of that. Still scary to think of actually doing what I love to do…

  3. This is an awesome graph and I’m going to have to click over to visit that other Hilary, there!
    I think we are in the same position in a lot of those circles and I can’t wait to meet and compare notes!

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