His Gentle Pursuit

This past weekend, I attended the She Speaks conference in North Carolina. There were 600 women all in one place worshiping God and learning about speaking, writing, blogging and women’s ministry. The Proverbs 31 Ministries team did an amazing job preparing and hosting the conference.

I could write an entire post about any of the following:

  • Attending the fabulous writing courses which re-energized me;
  • Meeting tons of women who are passionate about serving Jesus;
  • Feeling special because the Proverbs 31 staff members prayed for each of the attendees by name leading up to the conference and made it such a special experience;allison annie
  • Seeing some familiar faces from Mount Hermon—including my Nash-friend Annie. Annie is the one who told me about the conference and has been such a great inspiration with all of the writing business;
  • Meeting a couple of my favorite bloggers in person and acting a little starstruck like a fool! Sophie and Melanie were both so sweet and gracious; it was such a pleasure to meet them after reading their blogs for the past year;
  • Learning about exciting new ministries that are planning to serve young women (incourage and She Seeks).

Instead, I want to tell you about Saturday night. After 12 hours of amazing sessions learning more about writing and blogging and ministry, I began to reflect on Jesus’ gentle pursuit of me during the past year. Although I never felt bullied or bossed, he gently tugged my heart into making some really big decisions. He lined up my path with his (much better) one.

I became so full of gratitude as I contemplated the past year . . . how he guided me to quit a job that I hated, pursue dreams I didn’t even know were so deep and real, start a blog, begin to write a book (yikes!), and become the kind of person who cannot settle for living a mediocre life full of busyness and to-do lists.

Most importantly, I am more in love with my Jesus than I was a year ago. I now understand that it’s not about being able to visualize your dreams and do things to make them come true. It’s about taking the first step of faith, learning how be an authentic person, and letting Jesus work out the details. Thank goodness he didn’t let me choose my own path; I would have settled for something far less than the amazing path he chose.

P.S. I feel the need to add something here. This doesn’t just apply to me. Yes, I am special and God is pursuing me. But you are special and God is pursuing you too. He is not going to force you into anything. In my experience, he has been extremely patient and waited a long time for me to turn and seek his purpose. Also, when I made mistakes, he didn’t stand there and judge me like a disapproving father. He stood there filled with compassion because he knew there was a more fulfilling path for me. He doesn’t want us to settle for less than him!



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7 responses to “His Gentle Pursuit

  1. Chasie

    I’m thankful for the time I’ve gotten with you in the past year while you’ve been growing so much too… it’s a pleasure to be around you while God is slowly working away (not so slowly these days 🙂 )

  2. I’m most thankful that you love Jesus more now than you did a year ago. I feel like I’ve let my love for Jesus take a backseat lately to much less important things; I needed to read this post. Thank you sweet friend. I’m glad the weekend was such a good one and so glad I got to see you en route.

  3. ♥Susan

    Wow, Allison–I simply wanted to read about what some of the She Speaks attendees had to say, and I stumbled upon your blog. I say stumbled, but God sent me here to remind me that he has waited a long time for me, too! I have to constantly remind myself that God isn’t standing over me w/ a rod, but he’s there with his staff, to pull me back in when I make a mistake.

    Can’t wait to read your past postings–I’m sure to be inspired!


  4. I, too, have experienced this gentle pursuit and have been humbled and amazed at his patience in pursuing me and his knowledge and understanding of me in the process. In fact, it’s one of the things I’ll be talking about at the women’s retreat in the spring! Maybe I should have you talk, too… or at least lead a small group. 🙂

  5. Amen, Roomie! Such wonderful words and you have an inspiring way to put them there, of course! I loved meeting you and look forward to keeping up with you!

  6. Love your post and the sweet way God met you at She Speaks and reminded you of His passionate pursuit of you. I love that we can all be HIS favorite and not feel slighted about it at all.

    Loving the pursuit and being pursued!

  7. Allison, It was great meeting you at She Speaks! We showed Annie the video message you did for her and she loved it. (: I’m so jealous that you two live in the same town. I may have to get on out there and have coffee with you both!

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