When I think about what encourages me, I immediately change the ‘what’ to ‘who’. I think about the people whom God lovingly places in my path to give me courage, to love me, and to live in relationship with me. I think about my girlfriends.

So, in order to explain what encourages me, I must introduce you to those who encourage me:

Ally challenges me, inspires me, and makes me want to be a better person—and a better servant of my Jesus.

Chasie loves me for exactly who I am, not who I am going to be someday. She pursues my friendship and shares in my daily joys and heartaches.

Dee Dee brings light and laughter into my life. She truly listens to me and seeks to understand me better.

Tanya gives me overwhelming support and love. She reminds me of my strengths and helps me overcome my weaknesses.

Hilary helps me dream the biggest dreams for my life and convinces me that I cannot settle for less than God’s best for me.

Zana is someone who God recently dropped into my life. Her passionate pursuit of God’s will for her life is contagious; she points me to Jesus again and again.

God brought these six women into my life—most of them just within the last year—to encourage me and surround me with love and laughter and grace. When I look up friend in the thesaurus, I find synonyms such as supporter, ally, comrade, and helper. These women are all of those things to me, plus more.

In addition to these women, I have many other amazing friends, family members and encouragers in my life. To all of you . . .

I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

What encourages me? The beautiful gift of friendship.



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10 responses to “Encouraged

  1. mikkee

    a true friend is one of the most wonderful gifts in life!

  2. Friends are one of God’s greatest blessings in my life–and the way He’s answered many prayers too. I am so grateful for you and the unique ways you encourage me. Glad I get to see you soon too!

  3. christinnjon

    Beautifully put! Friendship is indeed a blessing! 🙂

  4. Such a beautifully written tribute to your friends! What a blessing they can be and a wonderful source of encouragement.

    I read your About Page and was interested to learn about your background. I worked as a cardiovascular nurse specialist for 25 years but now I’m involved in a technology company with my husband and I love to blog in my spare time. Yeah, right? But I love it so I always find time for it.

    So nice to meet you on this (in)couraging day!!!

  5. Chasie

    I DO love you just like you are! 🙂 Because you’re aleady an amazing woman. But let’s be honest… I got double Allisons in the past year or so… who’s blessed!?

  6. Allison, I love your post! Friendship – the real, genuine, life-enriching kind – is sooo encouraging!

  7. Tanya

    Wow, you did it again…brought a tear to my eye. You are an amazing woman and I know I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for always (in)couraging me.

  8. So true and so real! What a great post! Hugs (for encouragement, of course!)

  9. “When I think about what encourages me, I immediately change the ‘what’ to ‘who’.” YES–I love your perspective, so true and beautiful.

  10. hilarybarnett

    Allison, you are such an amazing friend as well, and I am so grateful that God brought you into my life this past year. It was so cool seeing you and Chasie in Chicago, who could have asked for a better situation? Love you girl!

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