Friday Flair 08.28.09

friday flair Welcome back Friday Flair! I have missed posting links, so I am catching up on some older stuff and some amazing new stuff:

I’m not sure how I missed it in July, but this post over at Stuff Christians Like is so powerful–and may be my favorite one that Jon has written.

Big Mama, our favorite fashion consultant, posted a link to this fabulous invention called Chickies. I totally wish I had thought of this idea and I definitely have to have one (or three)!

Annie’s tribute to her grandmother is beautiful.

I love it when God moves people to be courageous and tell their tough stories. Sarah’s current series over at her blog is so honest, so life-changing. Sometimes, God has to chase us down and bring us back to him. I know this from experience. Sarah is so brave and God has done amazing things in her life; please don’t miss her story. Link here to the Intro and Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. Part 5 will be posted today.

Bible verse of the day: Lamentations 3:24. I will wait for him.

My favorite new song these days is Lay ‘Em Down by NeedToBreathe. Seriously, I cannot get enough of this song.

Happy Friday!

P.S. Are y’all as excited as me about all the TV premiers coming up in late September? I have so missed my Grey’s, Private Practice, and Castle. Between that and the beginning of football season, I am quite giddy. 🙂



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2 responses to “Friday Flair 08.28.09

  1. We’re also very excited about college football starting back up! You’ll have to come over and watch a Vandy away game with us sometime. I think Jason said the schedule for the first few games has been set, so I’ll check with him and get back with you. And I’ll also confess that I was excited last night to find out that Project Runway’s new season has started. I love that show because it taught me the art involved in the process, which I never got before.

  2. Chasie

    I love the new Lay Em Down song too! (Of course) And Chickies is hilarious…

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