My Mount Hermon Experience – Part 1

Last month, I attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in northern California. Mount Hermon is a special place for me. Both times I’ve attended this writer’s conference, I strongly felt God’s presence. It’s hard for me to describe what Mount Hermon means to me. There are so many good things wrapped into 5 days. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what I learn about writing from what I learn about life.

During my business career, I attended so many corporate conferences and conventions. I spoke at many of them. Looking back, these events drained me. I poured energy into them and got nothing in return. Sure, I was satisfied because I fulfilled my commitment, but that was it. I think that’s why the experience at Mount Hermon is so special to me. Yes, it is exhausting. I have to put on my extrovert hat for 12-14 hours per day for 5 days. It’s a roller coaster of emotions with ups and downs. But it energizes me. The experience gives me back as much as I give to it. I think that’s how you know when you’ve found your passion.

The conference this year was meaningful to me in many ways, but I’ve managed to summarize my experience into three main areas. Since this post keeps getting longer and longer, I’m only going to share the first two with you today (you’re welcome!):

  • The Business of Writing

Although the dress code is casual and the atmosphere is spiritual, business takes place at Mount Hermon. I enjoy learning about the business side of writing. I had the opportunity to meet editors from publishing houses, agents, and other freelance writers. As a newbie my first year at Mount Hermon, this aspect of the conference overwhelmed me. I was better prepared this year, and I used the opportunity to learn as much as possible and meet as many people as possible. I enjoyed getting feedback on my current book project. I came away from these discussions with a better idea of where I need to take the project and my ministry.

  • Learning about Writing

I learn in leaps and bounds at Mount Hermon. The classes and workshops are amazing and full of advice and tips for better writing. Learning about the craft of writing is a continual process. I always come away from this conference as a better and more knowledgeable writer. I can see the growth in my writing skills and knowledge of the industry that’s directly related to attending classes at Mount Hermon.

What’s the third thing I love about Mount Hermon? It deserves a post all its own. Check back on Friday for Part 2 of My Mount Hermon Experience.

Also, did you notice the bloggy makeover? Let me know what you think about the new blog design. (If you’re using a Reader, click over to see the new layout.) Do you like it better? I think it’s cleaner and easier to read, but I would love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment and let me know…


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5 responses to “My Mount Hermon Experience – Part 1

  1. Don’t you just love going to a conference/workshop where you come out feeling like you actually learned something?!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to read Part 2 of the story!

    The blog makeover looks great! I spend more time fiddling around with my blog layout than actually writing on it sometimes….. 😦

    • Lorrie, thanks for commenting! Yes, I love conferences that fuel my passion. I bet you’re the same with the scrapping conferences/classes. And I totally agree about fiddling on the blog instead of writing on it 🙂 Sometimes that is more fun for me!

  2. You said it so beautifully. Can’t wait to read Part II. Miss you! I’m trying to figure out how I can justify a trip to your part of the country. 🙂

    • Thanks, Carrie! I miss you too. I was thinking about you and praying for the you a few days ago. PLEASE come visit me in Tennessee…would love that! Oh, and you’ll definitely want to check out Part 2….because you may be mentioned 🙂

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