Joy in the Morning

I have many friends walking through difficult times right now . . .

Friends dealing with the loss of loved ones,

Friends grieving the end of relationships,

Friends walking through family crisis,

And this friend and her daughter fighting physical and spiritual battles.

These battles are very real. For all of us, the darkness can be quite dark at times.

Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.
Psalm 30:5b (NLT)

I realize reading this Bible verse isn’t going to fix everything. God gave me this verse over and over during some dark nights. Honestly, it made me mad. I didn’t understand it. Because I woke up each morning expecting my joy (and sometimes, demanding my joy), and it wasn’t there.

God, why do you keep giving me this promise when I can’t find my way out of the darkness?

Looking back, I know that God’s definition of “night” is different than ours. His timing is not our timing. His ways are not our ways.

We don’t know how long our night will last. But friends, God is with us through the darkness and through the weeping.

And he will bring joy in the morning.

It’s a promise, and you can cling to it.

To my hurting friends . . . I know the pain is impossibly hard. I also know we serve the God who makes all things possible, the One who specializes in resurrections of hope. He sees each of your teardrops and keeps track of every single one. The Lord is our Light in the darkness.

Dear Lord, I pray for my hurting friends to cling to your light and your hope in their times of darkness. We know you have already won the battle. We will cling to you and wait for your joy. Amen.

Content Copyright 2012. Allison K. Flexer @ Anointed With Grace.
Photo: stock.xchng. Photo Design by Allison K. Flexer.


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9 responses to “Joy in the Morning

  1. i still have Joy..i choose joy. just wrote about this.
    i dont know how i found you, but i’m glad i did.

  2. Amen, this ties in to my post about the Medicene for pain an suffering and for all of us God is the only true medicine. Love your words! God bless

  3. It’s amazing how He always gives us enough…sometimes just enough for that moment, season, hour, but it’s always enough. So thankful for His promises and faithfulness and that we can cling to His truths even when everything seems so dark.

  4. Thank you for checking out my blog. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of Mary. I hope my post will be helpful and supportive to her. I look forward to reading more of your writing too!

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