3 Truths for Single Women in College: Guest Post

Hop over to Joy Pedrow Ministries to read my #SingleTruth guest post about being single and following Jesus in college:

Regardless of the type of university, your college years are a time when it’s easy to become distracted by impressing others. When you go away to college, it’s usually a new environment away from the people you’ve known for years. You can recreate yourself if you so desire. When you meet new people, maybe even guys you want to date, how do you present yourself?

Click the photo to read the full guest post!

Joy has a great ministry for young women and has a passion for helping women grow in their spiritual journeys. She is also giving away a signed copy of Truth, Lies, and the Single Womanso definitely check out her blog and enter!

What truths did you struggle with in college?

Until tomorrow,

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2 responses to “3 Truths for Single Women in College: Guest Post

  1. thenoveilst

    Love the quote. You might find some insightful read on my blog page about God and Who He actually is, if I may share this link: http://achronicleofkarma.wordpress.com/kr%CC%A3s%CC%A3n%CC%A3a-the-absolute-truth/ Blessed be 🙂

  2. Hi Allison!
    I’m so excited that you are guest blogging on my blog today. I’m so glad we share a passion for reaching women with the good news that Jesus is enough. xoxo Joy

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