3 Hard Things About Being a 30-Something Single

I’m honored to be featured on Liv Migenes’ blog today. I have gotten to know Liv well through the process of my book release. She’s been a huge supporter of me, and I love how she writes passionately from the perspective of a single daughter of Christ. You’ll definitely want to check out some of her posts!


{Click photo to read my guest post}

“Once I turned thirty, my feelings changed. Suddenly, I was very aware of the passing of time. Most of my friends were married by the age of thirty. I started to worry that marriage wouldn’t happen for me and thought something was wrong with me. The passage of time hung over my head like a big, ticking clock.”

For a full recap of the #SingleTruth blog tour, including this final week’s upcoming posts…{blog tour page}


Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Fall morning!


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