Allison Flexer McGaha, Author

Welcome to my new website! Some of you may know me as Allison K. Flexer (my maiden name) and the author of Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman. SEPT 27 663

After sharing my single experiences in a book for single women, I was thrilled to experience my own answered prayers and long-held dreams coming true when I got married in November 2013. As kids, Michael and I grew up in the same hometown and lived a few houses apart on the same street! We reconnected in 2012 and immediately fell in love. I never would have guessed that I already knew my future husband during all those years of praying for him.

We now have a six-year-old son, and he is a delight! As I transitioned from single woman to wife to mommy, I struggled to find time to stay connected to God. Now, I focus my writing on helping women and mothers connect with God during the everyday moments of life.

I’m currently writing a weekly devotional book for new moms, which also has a keepsake journal to track special moments during their baby’s first year of life! Check back soon for updates on this exciting gift book!