Single Truth Blog Tour


My new book for single women, Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman, officially launched on October 1! 

Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman equips women to fight the daily battle of renouncing lies and believing truth. As someone who faced these same lies, I learned that only God can satisfy my longings and bring me peace. My desire through my writing is to share truth with single women in a practical, application-based way.

Fourteen amazing bloggers agreed to help me spread the work about the book! Check out the links below to read their posts over the next 3 weeks!


9/22: Sarah Loudin Thomas kicks off the blog tour with “Trusting God to Show Up” 

9/23: Leigh Kramer interviews me and asks tough questions on Singleness 

9/24: Sarah (and Anna) Sundin with a Mother/Daughter Perspective

9/25: MomsieBlog’s hilarious review, including her top 4 tense single moments

9/26: Mary Bernard (Writing Mom of 3) with What Lies Do You Believe?


9/29: Girl on the Move – Be Inspired Q&A

9/30: Joy Pedrow Ministries – 3 Truths for Single Women in College

10/1: Book Launch Day – All the fun will be right here at Anointed With Grace!

10/2: Sherry Kyle – All About Redemption

10/3: Single Matters interviews me! (Great online ministry for Christian Singles)


10/6: Liv Migenes – 3 Hard Things About Being a Thirty-Something Single

10/7: Darcy Wiley from Message in a Mason Jar – Year of Amazing Grace

10/8: Holly Hrywnak from The Common Queen: Lies We Believe About Singleness

10/9: Interview with Inspire Christian Writers (by Xochi Dixon) – How to Blog Your Way to a Book Deal

10/10: Brett Wilson from The Prodigal SisterFROM SINGLE-ING TO MINGLING: HOW TO TAKE THE LEAP

What a fun list! I hope you’ll be able to follow along for our #SingleTruth blog tour and engage on each blog with questions.

Remember that God delights in you! #SingleTruth


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