What others are saying about                                                                         Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman

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“Allison validates the familiar feelings with which many single women struggle while bringing truth and light to the conversation. This book liberates single women from the lies that sound like truth.” —Kristi Marshall, PhD Licensed professional counselor

“Thank you for writing such an awesome book for single people. As a single woman in my late twenties, I could relate with all of the topics you covered in the book. While reading, I wondered if you had heard some of the conversations I have had with friends! So many books I have read about being single have made me want to throw the book out of the window. I am tired of reading about the steps I need to take to find the right man or what I need to do differently … Your book was such a breath of fresh air.” —Meagan, Dream.Write.Imagine

“Allison’s writing is so thorough and compelling. She writes from a solidly biblical perspective, offering a real feast of God’s truth, goodness, and encouragement. The best part is that no matter where you find yourself on the relationship spectrum—single, married, engaged, widowed, divorced—you can relate to Allison’s story.” —Mary Bernard, Writing Mom of 3

SingleTruth_Chase_web“In her new book, Allison K. Flexer shares the lessons that encouraged, comforted, and challenged her to overcome lies and seek her One True Love. Through the study of God’s word, Allison knows and teaches the truth.” —Vonda Skelton, author, Seeing Through The Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe

“I will be purchasing gift copies for my single women friends and my daughter. Allison waited for her Biblical partner and I have full confidence in her words.” —Terri Kelly, author, Mary Slessor, Missionary Mother

“One of my favorite things about this book is that it talks about how being single is not a bad thing. It doesn’t make you less of a person, and while I know this sometimes it is great to have a reminder with great biblical examples, like how Paul talked at length about how being single is actually preferable!” —Faye, Labor Not in Vain

“The first time I read Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman … dress quote2I went out and bought myself matching towels! That was a small step in feeling bolder in embracing my single life. The second time I read it, I got to the same section that inspired me to buy the towels, and read the line that said, ‘buy a house.’ And I had to smile, because I had just put an offer on my first home! It started with towels, but ultimately, Allison’s words of encouragement helped me to buy my first house!” —Susanna M.

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