Redemption One of my favorite authors, Mary DeMuth, is releasing a new book in October called Everything. You can imagine my delight when she accepted me as part of her Book Launch Team! You’ll be hearing more about this in the coming weeks, but I have gotten more and more excited as I read through the book.

(Click here to read the first 2 chapters of Everything absolutely free!)

In the first chapter, Mary writes about how God redeems us.

 “Our redemption is an outrageous, initiating act accomplished by God alone.” Mary DeMuth, Everything

Lately, I’ve been blogging a lot about giving up control and surrendering. I love this reminder by Mary that we have no part in our own redemption. It’s a beautiful process accomplished by God alone.

We’re a society of doers . . .

We see a problem, and we try to solve it.

We experience a hurt, and we attempt to fix it.

We like to do. It makes us feel like we’re in control. When it comes to our own salvation, though, we can’t do it. We could never do enough or be enough.

“We cannot fully satisfy a holy God.” Mary DeMuth, Everything

Normally, that would be quite a depressing thought. Without God’s perfect plan to reunite his children to Himself, we would certainly have reason to despair. But…

“God did what we could not. He sent His beautifully sinless Son to take our place, to satisfy for all time God’s wrath upon sin.” Mary DeMuth, Everything

Today, let’s take a break from “doing” and be willing to let God chase after us.

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8 responses to “Redemption

  1. Thanks Alison, as another week begins, what a great reminder to surrender my control-freakishness to God and see where he steers me this week and the one after that.

  2. It’s humbling to realize I can’t impress God no matter how hard I try. But He is impressive in His own right! So I don’t have to!

  3. Allison, I’m glad to be on the launch team with you and that our paths are crossing!

  4. Great reminder/post friend. I need to let myself be comforted by my lack of cnotrol instead of constantly challenging this notion….

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