A Resource for Single Women {And Another Chance to Win my Book!}

As a single woman, I remember reading a great blog called Triple Braided Life by Brenda H. Rodgers. She’s a married woman who calls herself a “recovering single.” I love that! Brenda also says,

I was single for longer than I expected, and it was the hardest time in my life. During those years I could not reconcile why God gave me the intense desire to be a wife and mother and yet those desires were not being fulfilled.

I relate to that 100%. Her blog is a great resource for young women, no matter their marital status. She offers encouragement and Biblical advice. Her current series on the blog is 31 Days of Interviews with Single Women Making a Difference. I highly recommend reading these interviews, and you may see some familiar names from the #SingleTruth blog tour as well!

Single Woman Book Single TruthI realized I may have buried the lead a bit here because today on her blog, Brenda wrote an amazing review of Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman!

She talks about how we need more resources for single women, and I totally agree.

AND she’s giving away an autographed copy! If you haven’t won any of the previous giveaways, here’s another chance to win your copy of my book for single women. {By the way, you don’t have to be a single woman to enter! I have heard from many single men who are reading and enjoying the book as well as women who have been married a long time!}

Click that cool button above to hop over to Brenda’s blog and read her post about Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman!

Happy Monday!


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